*****Airport transfer, airport pickup service, airport taxi and minivan, between Budapest Ferihegy Airport-, Sarmellek Fly Balaton Airport-, Wien Schwechat Airport-, and Lake Balaton, Siofok, in taxi, minibus, bus categories ***** Fly Balaton Airport - to / from Siofok taxi transfer: 80,- EUR, Budapest Ferihegy Airport - to /from Siofok taxi transfer: 100,- EUR ---------- Directly from owner - cheep private accommodations in Siofok, in the capital of Lake Balaton for short and long term, daily rent for tourist on vacation to rent: Valeria Apartment Siófok, Anna holiday house Siofok, Elisabeth house Siofok. Holiday in Siofok in private accommodation!

Siofok - sailing at Lake Balaton - rent a sailboat - rent a boat

Siofok sailing:
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    Sailing is more than a holiday at Lake Balaton - Hungary

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  • Siofok- sailing at Lake Balaton- rent a sailboat- rent a boat: Apart from bed and breakfast our hotel has variety of recreational facilities to cater our holiday makers. From these our best offer is sailing. It provides an unforgettable experience for both the young and the old. Once tried it becomes one’s sweetheart for a lifetime. Since Lake Balaton is Europe’s largest body fresh water and a premier vacation region sailing is by far the best sporting opportunity.

  • Unique Boat - Yacht charter - Siofok: Randolph ll. sailboat: The sailbot’s programs start from the dock. Different start or arrival can possible if you check with the captain before by phone! Price: depend on your programs. The captain  look forward to see you on board! You can order minibus transfer service for this program! Check the prices and more information on the phone or,  e-mail! 
    All of our guests has individual programs availability, accordingly there is a possibility to determine the direction, the period and the program to agree with the captain. Apart from sailing we also have taxi-water service for our guests. To support this adventure we offer vast majority of sailing programs not only for professionals but also for all the adventure seekers who are thirsty for experiencing the safe and at the same time relaxing yachting feeling the touch of the sun, the water as well as the wind.

  • Many visitors choose this popular form of sailing at Lake Balaton :
  • - wherever, you don’t have to adapt yourself to other guests on board
  • - wherever, the cabin-boy of sailboat is a real navigator at Lake Balaton
  • - wherever, you could stop your boat anywhere to taste the famous fish soup of Lake Balaton
  • - wherever, you don’t have to worry about the details
  • - wherever, you can enjoy amazing sunshine and the wind at the middle of Lake Balaton
  • - wherever, there was a romantic engagment already
  • - wherever, you can fishing from the sailboat
  • - wherever, no one disturb your relaxation
  • - wherever, you can enjoy the wonderful sunset of Balaton Lake

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Yacht charter

Name of the boat: Randolph II.
length: 9.3 m - 31 Fuß
beam:   2.8 m
load-line:   0.9 m
engine: 30 LE, Farymann diesel
sail-cloth:  36 m2
equipment of sailboat:

fridge, burner, navigation system, sounding line, roofed wheel, 5 bed, 9+1 person can stay on board, ladder for swim, life support system, for it’s size, engine and weight it’s the most secure sailboat in bed weather also.


István Fekete
Phone: +36 30 93 96 971 (english)
E-mail: taxisteve65@gmail.com

To attain all we wish you fair wind and secure landing! Yacht Charter - Siofok